Hi there, my name is Jeff and I’m a Brazilian drummer and music lover. 

Do you see that video over there? 

Easily in the top 5 moments of my life so far.

In that specific part, I was playing The Real Thing by Faith No More, over 30 years ago.

But why it’s so important?

That was my very first high school talent show. At the time, I was starting to play drums and wasn’t really into music. I started playing drums only because “it was cool” (my brother’s influence), but after that night… my life changed. 

After seeing the happiness and joy that music was doing to that small audience of 135 people, I never stopped playing. 

I could say music became my home and playing drums was like Sunday, watching a football game – a real “pièce de résistance”.

If you are reading this, you probably like music as much or even more than I do. You probably also understand that music isn’t just a sound; it is a comfort; it has the power to pull us where it wants to go.

As a good follower of the stoicism philosophy, I quote Confucius:

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

When I created OK Tuner with Francisco Falcon, we wanted it to be a project based on that, the serene pleasure of music. We have a mission to help people avoid mistakes we committed: when buying gear or even the maintenance of our beloved instruments.

We welcome musicians of all shapes and sizes to help further our project with reviews, insights, and even some self-promotion.

👉 You can contact us here 

Hope you enjoy this project as much as we at OK Tuner do.

Our Team

We’re a small team but really passionate about music. Learn more about us and how we got here.

Jeff Salem Jr.

Jeff Salem (Jefferson Salem Freitas Jr.) is a drummer, arranger, composer and entrepreneur. Brother of the guitarist, José Salem, Jeff, started playing drums on the instrument purchased for his brother. He has elevated his work to a Brazilian music style that is updated by the artistic possibility, associating knowledge and imagination. Thanks to a sharpness of mind indifferent to generation attitudes and impositions of fashion that would probably reduce his creative potential, he found the personal and correct formula through freedom and mastery of the raw material.

Educated and aware of the importance and richness of his Brazilian traditions. He uses his nuances and rhythmic processes as a reference or ingredient for a necessary action based on improvisation, a fundamental piece for an exercise of freedom that exceeds mere market expectations, breaks boundaries, and advances to the eternal.

With unwavering enthusiasm, Jeff Salem Jr. has made music a shared way of life, establishing a collective, authentic, and, above all, coherent happiness. No more, no less, as far as your heart is concerned.

Francisco Falcon

Francisco Falcon

Francisco Falcon is a musician for almost thirty years and has already accompanied several artists in concerts and recordings worldwide. Highlighting names like Tunai, Nico Rezende, and Eliana Printes have already accompanied artists such as Milton Nascimento, Wagner Tiso, Márcio Montarroyos Victor Biglione, Chico César, Dalto, Byafra among others, and has accompanied the Fruto Sagrado group between 2001 and 2006. He also works as a record producer, producing and recording in his studio Brazilian artists. 

Falcon has two solo CDs recorded: “VOO TOCAR” (Niteroi Discos – 2001) and “VOO LIVRE” (Independent – 2011) and released his book “Contrabaixo no Choro” (translation: Bass in Choro), a Brazilian music style. His primary instrument is the electric bass and plays the double bass, cello, guitar, acoustic guitar, tenor guitar, and viola caipira. 

He graduated in Music from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), and in 2017 com completed his Master’s Degree in music education whose research deals with the application of the musical Brazilian Choro music in teaching electric bass.